26: Festive Fun with Sophie Habboo
It Can't Just Be MeDecember 13, 2023
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26: Festive Fun with Sophie Habboo

It’s a festive special in the studio today as Anna and guests tackle the classic seasonal dilemma of how to split your time at Christmas while doing your very best to keep everyone happy. Our listener Ellie is not only trying to figure out how to fit in time with family and friends alongside a job with anti-social hours, but she’s also in a long-distance relationship.

Luckily, Anna has seasoned podcaster, TV personality and content creator Sophie Habboo on hand to help work through Ellie’s conundrum. Sophie not only co-hosts the podcast Wednesdays but she is, of course, co-star of the podcast Newlyweds with her husband Jamie Laing. Having spent several Christmases with Jamie’s family already, and with both parents living abroad, Sophie is no stranger to finding creative ways to portion up her time over the festive season.

Bringing psychological expertise (as well as even more Festive magic) to the conversation is psychotherapist Fiona Kau. Together, Anna, Sophie and Fiona discuss why we put so much pressure on ourselves at this time of year, unspoken family dynamics and learning to make space for your partner’s family. Not to mention the guilt, arguments, and passive-aggressive emails! They also share advice for a listener who is, like so many of us, on a tight budget this Christmas, and offer up tips for someone who wants to approach the New Year with a more positive mentality.

So get comfy with your favourite festive treat. This one’s a Christmas feast for the ears!

Have questions about sex? Divorce? Motherhood? Menopause? Mental health? With no topic off limits, Anna’s here to prove that whatever you’re going through, it’s not just you.

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This podcast contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children. Listener caution is advised. Please note that advice given on this podcast is not intended to replace the input of a trained professional. If you’ve been affected by anything raised in this episode and want extra support, we encourage you to reach out to your general practitioner or an accredited professional. 

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