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Anna Richardson is primed and ready to solve that big dilemma in your life. And she’s invited some very special celebrity guests and experts to help.

Have questions about sex? Divorce? Motherhood? Menopause? Mental health? With no topic off limits, Anna’s here to prove that whatever you’re going through, it’s not just you.

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Anna Richardson

Host, It Can't Just Be Me

With over 20 years’ experience at the heart of British Broadcasting, Anna is an established household name and award winning writer and presenter.

She began her TV life as a journalist on the Big Breakfast, Channel 4’s most successful breakfast show. Spotted for her frank, down-to-earth style, she beat some of the best-known names in British television to front the cult series Love Bites for ITV, a no-holds barred sex and relationships show for teens. The series went on to win awards in the UK and America, and Anna herself was nominated for an RTS Award at the age of 26. Anna combined her broadcast career with production, developing, writing and producing some of televisions most successal formats.

Anna hosts Channel 4’s headline grabbing Naked Attraction, and loves Documentaries that make a difference. With a particular interest in lifestyle and mental health, she is the author of two books on food and dieting; a frequent podcast host, and is also a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist.

Anna is the co-founder of Mindbox – a 24 hour online therapy centre that specialises in supporting people struggling with stress and anxiety.

Recent Episodes

41: Why do I feel so lonely? With Gaby Roslin
March 27, 2024
44:2340.71 MB

41: Why do I feel so lonely? With Gaby Roslin

Last week, it was reported that the middle-aged population in Britain is the loneliest in Europe, so Anna has invited TV presenter and broadcaster, Gaby Roslin , to interrogate why that might be .  Gaby is passionate about curbing the epidemic of loneliness, which can impact people of all ages and ...

40: My dad’s secret life? With Jaz Singh
March 20, 2024
37:2334.29 MB

40: My dad’s secret life? With Jaz Singh

The entire nation was gripped by the lies and betrayals in the hit TV show The Traitors, with viewers particularly impressed by Jaz Singh’s (a.k.a Jazatha Christie) ability to sniff out the traitors. Today, Anna has Jazatha Christie himself in the studio to talk about earth-shattering family secret...

39: The Cult of Wellness? With Charlotte Church and Michele Knight
March 13, 2024
42:4439.22 MB

39: The Cult of Wellness? With Charlotte Church and Michele Knight

The wellness industry is worth about $5 trillion worldwide and it feels like there's always something we should be spending money on to benefit our mind, body and soul. But the quest to feel our best can come at a cost that extends beyond the financial - it can impact our relationships too. Here to...


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Simply Brill

Was a first time listener a couple months back and was immediately grabbed by the topics and the engaging discussion. I have recommended this podcast on to my besties and we enjoy nattering over a cupper about topics covered. Worth a listen if you’re not sure what to try next but be warned, likely to become a seasoned ...

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More Practitioners of Color?

Love your show! I am African-American woman who really appreciates the humor, quiet wisdom, and authentic voices that you and your guests amplify. I really liked the episodes with both Scarlette Douglas and Gabby Logan. Perhaps you don’t yet realize the cultural diversity of your listeners, but we are here and support...

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