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I’m on a mission to show you that whatever you’re going through, you’re not alone! In every episode I’ll be sharing a dilemma sent in by you, and getting advice from some very special celebrity guests and experts who know exactly what you’re going through.

We’ll be talking about sex, heartbreak, menopause, family, friendship, fertility, mental health, ageing and everything in between. So if you have something you want advice on, you can record your voicemail message below right now. 

It’s super easy, just click ‘Record a voice note’ and tell me what’s on your mind right from your phone, tablet or laptop. Once you’ve recorded your message, you’ll be able to listen back to it and re-record it if you like.

Your dilemma can be short and sweet, or long and ranty! And don’t worry, we won’t share your name on the podcast if you don't want us to. 

No topic is off limits.

Love, Anna x

P.S. We’ll try and share as many of your dilemmas as possible, and you might get an email from us asking for more information.

Do read the terms and conditions about voice notes here).

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